Last Day: Dog Sitting, Lake Atitlan

I took the dogs on the walk at the start of sunrise. I’d gotten to bed so late after countless thoughts and possibilities racing through my mind whilst trying to pack up all my bits and to leave the house like I found it, change sheets and move things back (I had moved the bed to the middle of the room and the desk out of the sun during the day). l also wanted to do some more filming with my GoPro, so I could share the view and climb I’ve been so fortunate to experience the last month – coming soon!*

I can’t believe the time has come to leave.  The owner is on her way back and would like some peaceful down time with her boys and one girl so we arranged to meet in a couple of days, in order to give her her space back and for me to readjust somewhere else.  Sorting my backpack the night before and taking quick last minute photos of the garden, the house and the dogs leaves me filled with gratitude.  This castle was my home for just over 30 days and now I pack a piece of it into my heart to carry with me!

The walk was almost entirely an emotional one.  I stopped every 5 metres to pat whichever dog was closest and took my time.  Of course, the energies around after sunrise was intensified with workers headed down from the mountains and with other wood-collectors heading up, along with their own dogs.  This created a bit of fuss as could be expected and almost made me sad I wasn’t doing a 4am walk instead, the usual way but I was in such a little stress over too much already, that I wasn’t going to start regretting that too now. p1130851I took the time to sit under a tree half way up and reflect on how far I’ve come in this month.  I imagined I wasn’t going through this evolving horror of knowing a good friend is missing and wonder how on top of my world I really would be at that point.  My life is made up of so many unique experiences and this will definitely go down as one of the most fun, I thought. I smile and notice I have two dogs smiling back at me.  They know!day27-copy

I have spent this month doing all the glorious things I love and could never find such disciplined time, space or freedom for, previously.  This is why I came back for ‘Round 2’ to Central America and this is how I wanted to continue feeling, like every place and decision was for the better of ME!


Saying goodbye to those pooches was incredibly touching.  Each one of them having such different ways about them, each of them having their own comforts and spaces and likes.  I figured out which would lie in the garden with me on gloriously sunny days, despite them boiling in their coats.  I figured out how sensitive one was when I would say: ‘no’ while still making the bed, he would go off into the other room and sulk a little till I called and called and patted like crazy, come on, get back on here with us!  I noticed how the mamma would look out for the others, even with being the smallest, fattest and slowest – she was determined to do and follow as they liked her to, whilst also looking out for me. p1130817I learnt alot from these guys and our hearts connected – me as their keeper and feeder, them as my guards and companions.


Dogs rule; Osho, Minni, Gordo and Ratti especially! 😉



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