Day 22: Dog Sitting, Lake Atitlan

Today was a tough day.  It’s strange how I have been making these messages with my photos and how all of sudden I find them so relevant to my own recent situations.


A couple of days ago, a complete stranger got in touch with me and asked me if I’d seen a mutual friend, their cousin. Turns out, he’d been missing one month already at that point!

By today, I was devastated in my thoughts, my questions and my worries regarding him and his very very strange disappearance in Mexico exactly a month ago to the day of recording these notes.  And so, a brand new chapter of experiences for this life unfold..


*I will be writing in present tense each day just as I have been in order to keep my memory and daily events the same as I recorded them down in a notebook at the time.  The dates of publishing and the dates of actual occurrences will obviously differ, but it’s slightly irrelevant at this point, I think!*



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