Day 12: Dog Sitting, Lake Atitlan

Every house deserves a Muffin Tray?

So I’m pretty settled into my new routine now. Things looking up with Mini being a happier little bugger and starting to trust me, my ways and that I’m here to stay, for a few more weeks at least.  I feel a surge of energy coming on from surviving the first 10 days walking/dog-sitting without too much chaos and decide to try out the new recipe on the back of the coconut flour bag I bought over the weekend in San Pedro. Me and a friend went and indulged at the All-You-Can-Eat buffet at Smokey Joe’s on Sundays, read more here.


First thing I look for and surprised there is none, is a muffin tray.  To me, it’s a standard necessity and one of the first ‘baking items’ any household should own but hey, it reminds me some people don’t bake and that I’m in Guatemala. Where muffins don’t seem to be that commonly made fresh/sold in café’s and where people seem to follow food trends from the States like it’s going out of fashion, I get disappointed at the possibilities of using local produce. Last year’s craze here was Dunkin’ Donuts. Sad times, especially on seeing how much fatter people are getting too.

It’s always strange baking in somebody else’s house, especially figuring out the oven.  I am not a huge fan of gas ovens and almost thought I was ‘a goner’ on my birthday last month, when the oven door blew open upon trying to light the hob and a huge flame came firing out at me with a hatefully hot force. So this is the first time in over a month to use one again and yes, there is slight nerves.

IMG_20160811_095308The recipe is in Spanish so I’m excited to follow it and figure out new words like cucharita ie. a teaspoon. I knew of cuchara obviously, but somehow cucharita was just never used, read or heard of from my side here.

It calls for raisins, or sultanas so I substitute with some of the ton of mixed nuts, oats and cacao nibs I smashed together in order to make granola (never got round to it). It looks like I added too much so I have to play around getting mixture balanced, not too dry and not too overkill on the eggs, end up mashing in more bananas too.  You know it will be fine when you lick your finger from dipping in the bowl and it tastes good, just as it is!

I don’t have that much experience with baking with coconut flour as I mainly baked using my own made almond flour back in London. Coconut flour was more on the pricey side, whereas here, it’s working out $5.35 for a bag of 900g. Saying that, I have a ton of online recipes using coconut flour, should dig them out a bit. I was absolutely obsessed with anything coconut-ty from 2010 till about end last year, when I started to feel a bit of ‘over-the-taste’ coming on. I used to eat coconut oil by the tablespoons every day, now I can’t stomach a teaspoon on its own anymore. It served me well though and is still the only oil I use for cooking or baking, I just don’t overdose as much!


Love these ‘Love Probiotics’ kombucha drinks and enjoyed half of a bottle whilst baking, pretending it was a glass of champagne actually, so much fizz to it, just fabulous dahling! They don’t joke though when they say (in a bit too small a writing: Open slowly!.. ahmygahd, champagne showers the first time I bought one!)


So seeing that ‘mi casa’ had no muffin tray, I was left to use this round cake mould instead. Who knew what it would come out like but once I got a sweet coco-banana whiff upstairs, I knew it shouldn’t really disappoint just cos they ain’t muffins or that they’ll hate us cos they ain’t us! *Haha, had to throw that in, been dying to watch ‘The Interview’ again, stupid crazy love for that movie whilst been traveling, itsafeelgoodlaughyourassoffforrealzcomedy!

This is the result and I decorate my plate with a sliced banananito, fresh blackberries, a drizzle of honey and a shake of cinnamon – next to 2 moist, yet crunchy-looking pieces of cake/muffin. Then I tuck in and taste some neat deliciousness! Before I know it the plate is clean and the third piece is in my hand, no need for the plate mate! Satisfaction shows with the smile on my dial whilst I enjoy the result of my first ‘baking in Spanish’ episode. 


So quite a simple recipe really, if you would like it just shout and will share. There is leftovers but I won’t say for how many days. A slice of this was the perfect ‘pick-me-up’/ snack-to-go / post-morning-walk-protein / cuppa tea accompaniment – any other excuse I could think of the next day. 😉




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