Day 10: Dog Sitting, Lake Atitlan

Getting the vet in & waiting for storms to pass.

So it turns out that Mini was not left behind as a result of me at 4am in the morning!  He decided it was best to stay at home for the three days that followed.  I knew this, as I purposefully made a point to ‘remember’ him the following day and when he refused to budge from the mattress outside, after countless calls and coaxing, I gave up and headed off without him. 

Overcast, thundershowers and lots of rain throughout the nights lately, is after all, RAINY SEASON!

This happened from Day 7 onwards and so by today, I knew it was time to call the vet in and see what they could for him.  He had not been too well, with very itchy skin and a sombre mood compared to the rest, since his mama had gone abroad.  I thought he would ‘get over it’ once he realised I was not such a bad person but even so, after emailing his mama, she confirmed he is the most sensitive and would need a lot of winning over.

We had two ridiculously stormy days before: constant noises; barking; howling winds and nonstop heavy rain throughout the night meant that this morning, I switched my 3:30am alarm off and slept till Gordo got up and started waking us all around sunrise.  

Result of stormy weather, almost nonstop for 24 hours, post-hurricane around Belize

I got dressed and enjoyed the crispiness of 4’o’clock in the morning and by now, feel hooked on my morning ‘walkies’ too!  Unfortunately, Mini did not even want to join when it was lighter outside so this made it his 6th morning of missing out, which was clearly not going to be fun for him for another 3 weeks – sitting outside in the unpredictable cool mornings waiting for us to return too so I made a point of calling the vet and explaining he really is not happy/well and I need help!

The vet came at 4pm and checked Mini out.  It was a young guy who is doing his internship with Ayuda.  They are an absolutely brilliant charity transforming all the sick cats and dogs around the Lake into happy, waggily or purring pets again.  They do free neutering and sterilising and the street dogs have gained such better health as a result from Ayuda – there’s a donation link if you are feeling gen.

Rati in her favourite position, resting!

Turns out that when his immune system is down, it triggers this skin condition that develops from tiny microbial ‘spiders’ attacking the skin and the hair falls out.  That’s as much in Spanish as I could understand as to what and why.  I was just happy it was nothing contagious or worse and got the vet to do the injection rather, leaving me to do the 5day antibiotic course.  We stayed in all day after that and I realised there was no freaking way I felt comfortable trying to get Mini’s mouth open to drop two big capsules down his throat so I decided it would go in his food instead.

A calm sunrise after the not-so-calm night

The walk today was great as I went on a
totally different route due to the time of the morning. 
I assumed our route would be far busier with workers heading into the mountains for wood so I took a wider walk around the other side of the mountain and simply trusted my gut that it would make sense and finally do a circle back around. Woohoo, so glad it did! Got to last longer than a week 😉

Eventually, we ended up on a road with a few small residential local Mayans  houses, a dozen or so dogs – who created a bit of a morning choir of fearful barks  and territorial banter between each other regarding our surprising entrance into their playgrounds and finally, based on my memory of being somewhere once before, we took a sharp left which lead us to 200-odd steps, from the top of the mayor’s bright pink house, down to street level again.  From there I was totally content and happy with knowing where we were and got us back around 6:30am, fresh and feeling fabulous for the day ahead. 

What to do besides movies on a rainy day..? STRETCH & FLEX!

Hopefully, Mini will join the next morning or so and enjoy my new adventures with me!





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