Day 6: Dog Sitting, Lake Atitlan

Forgetting the one and then becoming the lost one!


Today I wasn’t as focused as I thought I would be.  Maybe it was because we weren’t able to walk the last two days so I had to  restate myself into what I was doingI also felt a bit of tension in my legs after the 90 minutes of yoga I did, right before bed last night (getting back into it properly again to build up my strength for upcoming surfing months and no time like now with all the space available currently, woop woop!).

Otherwise, I thought it would be a great walk back into it the mountains, sadly not.   Seems I had left Mini behind, no idea how but he seems to have these tendencies to do things slower than the rest e.g. sleep, eat etc. He most definitely wasn’t standing by the door when I had let the others out and then switched off the light and locked the door.  A bit like some men, clearly like to be reminded to do things 😉

So I had my thoughts on his whereabouts half way of the walk and then realised he was probably on the mattress outside so made peace I wouldn’t see him along this walk and carried on with the rest.  


Total darkness (new moon two nights ago) and overcast and cloudy (rained throughout the night) meant that annoyingly I had to use the little torch most of the way.  Trying to follow Rati’s little white paintbrush-tip of a tail in the dark is always a much more exciting challenge at 4am than trying not to attract too much attention with a shining a torch in total darkness.

Amid my thoughts, I managed to follow the dogs without looking at the route too much – until of course, the steepness of the accent was suddenly not feeling so familiar anymore.  It had started drizzling at that point and we were about three-quarters of the walking time but nowhere near where we should’ve been at that point. We were lost, or at least I was!

I called to them to stop their little adventure and turned onto the first right of what seemed a path to get us back to the right side.  Gordo was leading but starting giving a little yelp when he met a dead end – a steep drop to one side, a low-branched tree and bushes in front of him and slippery rocks to the other. Yep, dude we are screwed!

Why would this happen the first time I bring my shitty local phone and more importantly, who the heck would I call at 4:30am to say what??! I pondered on that for a moment and then gave a little laugh out loud. They turned and looked at me like I was the one leading them astray now and yes, it wasn’t funny.

  Okay, so we turn around and head back all the way we came rather.. I thought out loud and I think they were equally happy with that decision.  The way back down was hard on the knees with the rain and slippery leaves but no better way then down sometimes.  I noticed where I went wrong and wondered how deep in thought or tired I was to have gotten that right, I forgave myself for being a bit of both.

Ahh, warming the cockles of my heart, coconut creamy oats!

 We got back pretty much 15 minutes later than what we should have, the birds were in full tweet. There was Mini, lying on the mattress wagging his tail, not showing much of a disappointment or confusion, just being Mini I guess. Poor dude, third day no walkies for him! I text the gardener to please take him at 7am once he arrived.

Dried the other 3 off, fed them their hearty concoction of chicken kidneys, livers, rice and whatever veg leftovers I had thrown in from nite before.  Had a relaxing hot shower, made tea and headed straight back to the struggle of tugging and pulling for a bit of space, comfort and covers from the sociable creatures that lay consumed all over my bed. 

And all this before 6am.  Buenos dias!




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