C’mon Sun, Rise UP! Lake Atitlan

Waiting for a sunrise is like waiting for a mate who cooks a good meal to get cracking.  You know it’ll be worth it and that’s why you dragged yourself out in awful coldish English weather to go and have it, slightly late, fashionably of course, in hoping it would be ready on arrival!

Okay, I admit you don’t get up at 4:30am to go to your friends for breakfast at 5:30am but you do travel somewhat regardless of the time and after living in London – traveling an hour for a good home cooked meal with friends, is definitely always worthwhile.

Same with a sunrise, it’s nothing to trek in the dark half-asleep, unaware of what lives in those holes along the path (from where you keep hearing scratchy noises) – in order to satisfy your craving for a desirable taste of the known unknown.

I can point out the building I am staying from looking at this picture. It’s a great little idea of exactly how big San Juan kind of is.  That’s the main street coming from San Pedro and leaving to go out and through to San Marcos or Guatemala City.

The Lake of Atitlan is amazingly humungous from any bit of height and equally impressive in its calming silence. The walk up was not bad at all and no ridiculously-narrow or scary pathways to contend with. It took the most of 30 minutes to reach our destination. We situated ourselves at a good viewing spot by La Cruz, which looks over San Juan religiously, as Mother Mary joins the cross to pay respect to all the San Juan families for believing in her.

Sitting waiting for the sun to rise allows me to take the time to admire the full yet not total view of the Lake. It is incredibly soothing to think that there is so much going on around the Lake that is quite positive and transforming the lives of many. There are countless charities; women’s weaving organisations; tours and coffee plantations to visit and become aware of. There is the dog charity, Ayuda, fixing dogs for free and dealing with any sick ones you may have or know of or see on the streets, they run on donation and here is a link if you are feeling generous. Then there are the countless Spanish schools, teaching us nomads how to get by a little better.

So the sun eventually shows its hot face and the day can commence, just as the end of this post can!

What’s in a sunrise/sunset? Besides the comforting warmth it brings – maybe it’s our fascination of rising and being enlightened enough to be able to be born again each new day and to start it exactly how we want to or by closing off a day, letting our thoughts settle, tranquilised in the comfort of darkness showing face. Our souls comforted in the balance of the importance of day and night. Whatever your thoughts, by doing this often, I can honestly say, it is one of those perfect ways to start or end the day! Have a good one.



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