Need Wifi? in San Juan, Lake Atitlan


Sitting here writing from my new hangout for the next week called Café Maná.

Café Maná has a little bakery on the ground floor and if you want to know a little ‘secret’:

There’s a great spacious spot upstairs with pretty good wifi!


I was fortunate enough to be brought to this place by the daughter of the family who own my latest Airbnb accommodation.  They all know I’ve been sitting out at their place – in the low branches of trees, on the logs, in the hammock – at all hours using the wifi. This though, is also the perfect spot to be able to have a quick sweet treat and be able to buy fresh bread for later.


The guy working is super friendly and has his two little boys around, who were very well behaved, keeping themselves entertained. The one was painting the next Picasso piece!

How to get here?

Head straigIMG_20160701_185626ht up from the main road (leading from dock). Continue straight over first road until you reach the church. Walk up the road left of the church and take next left. In the distance you will see a Banrural Bank. Café Mana is on your right, opposite the blue shop called Calzado Americano. The cafe is painted yellow and sticks out anyway but this is the Welcome sign to look out for.

After enjoying the bakery treats, I was able to make a Skype call to a lady in Costa Rica about possible work for the busy season. It was fine my end to hear her speaking, although her video was awful. From her side, she could see me fine but not hear me great. We switched off the video and were able to talk for a good 15 minutes.  All good!

It’s time to head out but here is a pic of the little balcony where I sat earlier enjoying the views on the street whilst the sun set. Enjoy.





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