Pausing My Travels for a Quick ‘Holiday’ Home..

After one year of being mostly in Guatemala, Central America, I take my year return ticket back to the UK for a 2 week holiday and try squeeze in evvvvvvverybody – from new babies, dogs, homes to having a proper decent curry and other good foods again, Cornish seaside and the usual temperamental ‘rainy season’ aka an English summer.


Booked a beautiful, cosy little Airbnb cottage in Cornwall for 5 days after my second day of arrival.  Thankfully so, as luggage doesn’t arrive at same time as me and only gets delivered 36 hours later. Second time same case goes AWOL, first was on landing in Guatemala June last year. I blame the TSA agents as both times they had a little ‘browse’ through the case, thus obviously preventing it getting on the connecting flights. Luckily, next time I fly direct via Madrid.

Being back in England is a great trip! Traveling down to Cornwall, I get high on all the lush countryside, clean cars and organised motorways. Once there, I am smitten all over with the English mannerisms, the quaint old country ladies doing their shopping, the welcoming hospitality and the super happy dogs with their waggly tails and the quintessentially British styles on the streets.

Five days later and I’m super relaxed, well fed (see recommendations below) and ready for my ‘week only’ in London.. the busiest time for anybody visiting England. I am happy with my itinerary as I get to see my closest friends, despite of their usual busy schedules, it works for a night each.  On the Sunday, which happens to be Father’s Day, we have a glorious little picnic on Primrose Hill and the sun holds out till around 5pm, by which time the champagne and strawberries are finished anyway.

A few more drinks with dear friends at a pub in Camden and by 10pm the rain has arrived and it’s time to end the great little reunion.  On the tube ride back, I sit appreciating the people who came despite of the Hallmark occasion.  I’m not sure my friends realise how much I value their friendships. It’s demanding when you’re single and have to make all the effort all the time but equally I can see how none of them hardly even have time for themselves these days – being new mothers, lovers and working full-time too.  My week in London reconfirms my plans to travel longer, live slower, breathe deeper as being totally reasonable.. 😉

The last few days I spend with family just out of London and before I know it I am dropped off at LHR T5 at 4am for my flight to Madrid at 6:15am.  It’s been a whirlwind visit and utterly heartwarming. To hug and share stories again face-to-face with those whom I randomly miss, whilst out there traveling, really is priceless!


*For an absolutely delicious curry on an overcast day in Truro, Cornwall: Truro Tandoori.

*For a cosy little winter escape, romantic getaway or summer break: The Lily Pad.

*For first-class service, sexy food and fresh tasty cocktails/mocktails: Mannings Hotel

*For fast, cheap & tasty lunch special M-F 12-4, in West London: Eat @ Chooks




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