The Road Less Travelled..!

Introducing Stay See Be Travels:

The aim of this blog is to create a travel journal full of colorful finds; adventurous trips; personal reviews; gorgeous getaways and to show you that whichever way you look at it:

‘Before you even open your eyes each morning, think positively and then see the boundless beauty everywhere!’

I write honestly and with passion. I want to inspire people to do more for themselves, travel solo or just get out there and for anybody stuck in a rut, to hopefully see what beauty lies beyond the usual attractions. I am a positive person and am growing greatly from all my old and new experiences, as they say: travel and your life changes. It’s a bit obvious but there’s so much more meaning to it.

I hope to share some personal views about what I do; where I go and what I find out there/here in order to help others see/do good things too.  As you will see, I have a passion for people; sharing my happy snaps; fresh food and traveling the globe. Writing and sharing my thoughts and views feels natural and I hope you enjoy it too, naturally!

All photos my own, unless stated at the bottom of a blog.

Thank you for visiting.




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